Friday, February 19, 2010

screen 1024 the standard?

While trying to figure out if it was still important to support screen resolutions of 800x600, I pulled up several of the most visited websites to see where they fall. Here are the ones that work in a width of 800 or less:

  1. baidu
  2. blogger
  3. go
  4. google (also: gmail, google calendar, google reader)
  5. rapidshare
  6. skyrock
  7. twitter
  8. wikipedia

And here are the sites that aim for 1024px and require horizontal scrolling at 800px:

  1. amazon
  2. aol
  3. bbc
  4. bing (aka
  5. cnn
  6. craigslist
  7. dailymotion
  8. ebay
  9. facebook
  10. flickr
  11. friendster
  12. imdb
  13. linkedin
  14. microsoft
  15. msn
  16. myspace
  17. orkut
  18. photobucket
  19. wordpress
  20. yahoo

And w3schools says it is at about 1% for their visitors. Sure seems like support for 800px wide displays has gone out of style. Guess those iPads will spend most of their time turned sidways.

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